Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers Constitution of the Rules. (Ordinances) Amended Sept 2010

  1. The name of the Guild shall be The Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers; hereinafter conveniently called the Craft Guild.
  2. The purposes of the Craft Guild shall be
    • One: To provide a forum for the fraternal association of British craftsmen and women concerned with the manufacture of quality traditional archery equipment
    • Two: To encourage, maintain and improve the standard of bow and arrow making and other associated activity by British craftspersons
    • Three: To establish and maintain fraternal links with craftspersons overseas concerned with the making of traditional archery equipment
    • Four: To maintain links with those London Livery Companies historically superintending the crafts overseen by the Craft Guild
  3. Membership is open to all who satisfy the Craft Guild’s criteria as defined below and as interpreted by the Officers and Court of the Craft Guild
  4. The Craft Guild shall be administered by the following:
    • The Warden (Chairman) – Assumes office by common consent of the Masters, having been Under Warden for two years. Serves for a maximum of two years. Has full voting rights and a casting vote. Returns to the body of the Guild upon retirement [Agreed at 2000 Guildmote]
    • The Under Warden (Vice Chairman) – The most senior Assistant assumes this position every two years. Fulfils the duties of the Warden in his unavoidable absence, has full voting rights. Automatically succeeds the Warden upon his retirement after two years.
    • The Treasurer – responsible for all matters pertaining to the finances of the Craft Guild, elected by the Masters, has full voting rights.
    • Five [passed at 2006 Guildmote] Assistants (Court Members) – On a two year rotational basis, the most senior Assistant becomes Under Warden, whereupon a new Assistant is elected by the Masters. All have voting rights [Agreed at 2000 Guildmote]
    • NOTE: No-one should join the Inner Court and not accept the responsibility of Warden when it is their turn [Extract from Motion passed at 2006 Guildmote]
  5. Categories of membership shall be as follows
    • Master – a full member, manufacturing traditional archery equipment of consistently satisfactory standard, for sale or reward, on a full or part time basis, and providing a service which meets the criteria of the Craft Guild. Accepted upon satisfactory presentation of the required Masterpiece. Has full voting rights.
      (Note: Certificates of Membership will be presented after one year’s probation period) [not known when, or if, formally agreed, but is generally accepted]
  6. Applications for acceptance as an Apprentice or a prospective Master should be made in writing via the Clerk, using the appropriate form, which will be sent upon receipt of the registration fee as set down from time to time by the Court [Agreed by the Court May 2006]
  7. Unless otherwise decided by the Court, Apprenticeship shall be 3 years for bowyers or fletchers, 2 years for stringers and 3 years for arrow-smiths, under the tutelage of a Master. The maximum time before presentation of a Masterpiece shall be seven years, although in exceptional circumstances this may be extended at the discretion of the Court. The above criteria also apply to Improvers.
    [agreed by Court 2010 Ratified at Guildmote 2010]
    (NOTE: Two syllabuses are available for the guidance of Masters in the matter of the instruction of apprentices: one for bowyery and one for fletching)
  8. Fees should be as recommended by the Court, subject to their acceptance by the full Guildmote. They shall become due annually on the feast of St Michael (Michaelmas) being 29th September, and shall be paid to the treasurer on or about the said date. If any person be in default then such default shall be amended and corrected without delay. Late fees requiring a reminder will attract a £1 surcharge. Should the fee remain unpaid after three reminders from the Treasurer, then that member will be deemed to have resigned from the Craft Guild. [Agreed by the Court May 2004]
    However, the Court, at its discretion, may suspend the said payment for whatever term it sees fit. [Discussed, agreed, but not voted on]
  9. It is expected that each master shall have a suitable Insurance Policy covering Third Party Public Liability. It is desirable, although not required, that this should extend to Product Liability.
  10. It is expected and required that each Master shall offer a form of guarantee when selling their work and that this shall be fair to both parties.
  11. The Craft Guild Corporate explicitly disassociates itself from any and all litigation arising from the activities of its members, whether professional or otherwise.
  12. Promotion and advertising of the Craft Guild shall be on a continuous basis, using such means as deemed appropriate by the Court and arranged by the Master appointed by them.
  13. The Craft Guild’s logo shall be made available for use by Masters on their business correspondence and all archery articles made by them; but it must be made clear to Associates that they may not use the Guild name or logo to promote their business or for any other purpose. [Agreed by the Court. May 2006]
  14. Court Meetings shall be held as directed by the Warden, at a suitable venue arranged by the Clerk. Guildmotes shall be held annually, conveniently at a date closest to Michaelmas (29th September) in accordance with ancient custom.
  15. The Craft Guild shall maintain and develop respectful and fraternal links with those historic London Livery Companies hitherto responsible for the oversight of the crafts of bowyery, fletching, string making and arrow-smithing – namely: The Worshipful Company of Bowyers: The Worshipful Company of Fletchers (incorporating the Longbowstring makers – no longer active) and The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths.
  16. Amendments to these Rules may be proposed by the Court or by any individual full member with a seconder, and must be ratified at a full meeting of not less than one third of the membership. Notice of proposed amendments must be circulated to all full members not less than 21 days before the aforementioned meeting.

This amended Constitution was ratified in toto by members present at the 2010 Guildmote.